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I never watched an episode of this much beloved recently departed TV series, but learned that a lot of you out there have dedicated the past six years to figuring out what it all means, and wondering what you are going to do now that it’s over?

Instead of trying to sort out what happened to the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, why not spend as much time and energy making sense of the who, what, when, where and why of your own life, work and relationships, or perhaps even the world, since as they say, fact is often stranger (or more interesting!) than fiction.

I’m always recommending that you spend more quality time with yourself, but a lack of hours in the day is often the excuse. Using at least half the time you were watching, chatting about and/or analyzing what was happening on the show – plus a little grace – will, like the famous hymn says, make it so that if you once were lost, you can now be found.

But if you are feeling a little less than amazing or even blind, then give me a buzz so I can help you see how everything and everyone connects in your life, and what you can do to make your own personal season and series finale one to be proud of!

Actors, when interviewed about their craft, often talk about finding out what the ‘truth’ of the situation is for their part; Shakespeare tells us “all the world’s a stage; all the men and women merely players.”

We are all characters in our own play or movie acting out daily scenes, but it’s easy to forget that we’re also the producers, writers and directors, especially when it comes to our relationships.  We can cast to a certain extent who is in our life, assign them certain roles and create all the drama, comedy and tragedy that we want.  We can even re-write the script when we have the courage to do so.

The best way to do this is to be honest with yourself so that you can communicate from the heart exactly what it is that you want and need. Most of us do not walk around with ESP, so it’s really up to you to say what you mean and mean what you say (in an appropriate way, of course!) and let the chips fall where they may, knowing that you honored what is real and true for you.

If it’s not a common practice, speaking your truth can feel uncomfortable and even messy, and can make you or the other person feel like a deer in headlights- but at least you’ll get to the bottom of things and set the stage to make the next scene better.

You can run but you can’t hide from the truth, and telling it to yourself is the first step.  If you’re too scared or unable to see it, I can be the spotlight that illuminates what’s really going on so that you can then create the starring role with a happy ending that you so deserve!

What’s going on? Whether socially or sensually – many have gottin’ it on to Marvin Gaye’s tunes, being enlightened and healed in a variety of ways as a result. You say you want a revolution? The Beatles told us it’s gonna be alright.  And the Rolling Stones declared we can’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes, we get what we need.

The turmoil taking place both here and across the pond (that would be an oil spill, flooding, volcanic ash clouds, tornadoes, bankrupt governments, elections up in the air, stock market plunging, foiled terrorist plot, political protests and strikes to name a few) can make you a little on edge if you really take a minute to consider all these upheavals happening simultaneously. If you are feeling directly affected or anxious about it, there are ways to keep you in the groove.

Think about what crisis is bubbling up or spinning out of control in your world physically, emotionally or otherwise? Since we are all connected on one level or another, each of us can create peace in our own piece of the pie. If we take responsibility to put out, learn from and even prevent massive fires from happening in our individual lives, we’ll be doing our part to keep things as collectively calm as possible.

So if you find yourself in a bit of stormy seas, give me a buzz.  I’ll help you see what might be stirring things up and offer solutions to get you back on course. Like Simon & Garfunkel, I can be that bridge over troubled water that eases your mind!

In the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, Liz Gilbert visits a holy man in Bali who gives her a meditation to ‘smile in every part of your body, even in your liver’. This is a great way to activate the feelings of joy within…even just reading that makes you feel a little lighter and more relaxed doesn’t it?

Well, if that doesn’t do it, then what will? Whatever the thought or image is, make sure you get a daily dose in order to keep yourself young, happy and at peace. Doing so has numerous health benefits and when identified and used properly, is cheaper and better than any diet pill, drug or food out there!

Whether savoring a scoop of gelato, relishing in a job well-done, experiencing a romantic moment, or watching an episode of Glee, recognize and cherish those moments you feel joyful. Try to sustain and bathe in the sensation for as long as you can and be able to recall it when you need it the most.

I recently attended a friend’s musical that had me smiling from ear to ear, and from my heart, gut and, yes, even my liver for an hour and a half.  If he had not followed his calling to create, I would not have enjoyed the positive mental, physical and emotional benefits that came along with it.

Everyone has the capacity to bring joy to the world, or at least to someone else.
If you don’t believe me or are not quite sure how, gimme a buzz -because my work gives me such joy, it would be my pleasure, literally, to help you figure it out!

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