[The session] allowed me to have reflections about myself and make me think what I can do to make my life better and be more meaningful. – Lilly Lo

I came to hear you talk last night because I had seen you at CLAY. I have lost my job so it was very inspiring to me and your positive energy is contagious. I will certainly recommend you to others. – Carla Ashton

….I found Kristina’s points to be very clear and direct. Not “over my head” and filled with textbook phrases. I feel very motivated and excited to take what I learned tonight into my life. – Cindy D.

Inspiring and motivating; concrete steps provided for pursing goals. – Bureen Ruffin

Honest, insightful discussion that addresses our most basic human needs – happiness and life quest! – Pamela Brooke

Kristina captivated my interest and inspired me to keep motivated and determined. I need to hear positive reinforcement, all of which Kristina conveys. – Lisette Miranda

I thoroughly enjoyed your insights and was inspired to look inward to find out what I am truly passionate about in life.-Mary Anne Rohmann

I thought it [Spring Cleaning for the Soul] was inspirational. It made me think of ways to organize my life, get rid of clutter emotionally and mentally. I thought [Kristina] was friendly, likes her work and is a good speaker. – Alisa

[After attending Using Your Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams] I gained a new realization and appreciation for my pure potential and resources. – Ruth

Thanks so much for the wonderful class. It gave me a lot to think about and I am still processing things. I have started making some small shifts in energy and boy, what a difference! It’s very empowering and I look forward to continuing on this journey. You have so much to give and are a natural inspiration! – Laura Kossoff

I feel that Kristina’s workshops are incredibly helpful. She teaches people how to view life’s disappointments in a more compassionate light. These challenges can indeed become significant learning experiences. Kristina is an inspirational example of taking a personal setback and using it to empower herself. Most importantly, she cares about the healing process and will share her resources for healing. I totally connect with her because her delivery is so down-to-earth, warm, and intuitive. I’m still reaping the benefits of her wisdom and guidance! Thank you Kristina!  – Larie Hwang

What I like most about hearing Kristina speak is her real down-to-earth quality. She is a normal person, much like me, with fabulous thoughts and ideas and the generosity and courage to share those ideas with others.  To me, she is an inspiration – she makes her dreams come true and teaches us all how to do the same. Thank you!- Karina Duque


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this topic [Spring Cleaning for the Soul] couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I found Kristina’s points to be very clear and direct. Not “over my head” and filled with textbook phrases. I feel very motivated and excited to take what I learned tonight into my life.
– Cindy D.

Kristina – Thank you so much for being yourself and showing that to us! You were very inspiring! Thank you also for your personal attention. It was quite moving, especially two points you made: 1) “You don’t have to save the world, if you do what makes YOU happy, your world will be happy!” and 2) In addition to doing inner and outer exercises every day–transfer the inner to the outer. Somehow they just struck a chord at the right time. I look forward to putting them into practice much more!
– Sherry Belman, Social Worker
You did a beautiful job of facilitating today’s [Visioning] workshop. You set such a good tone for the group by being relaxed, funny, and yourself. It helps other people to open up…Thanks again for being a healthy model of a leader – someone who puts herself out there and moves other people forward, but doesn’t leave herself out of the picture.
– Eleanor Traubman

It was a pleasure meeting you at last Sunday’s Visioning Workshop. You did an excellent presentation. I was so inspired and became more focused on my life’s journey. Interested in attending your talk on Pink Slips – where do I sign up? – Jane Lee

Kristina Leonardi is one of the most interesting, unselfish and passionate souls I’ve ever met. And those qualities easily translate when she’s giving a presentation about, say, ‘Who are you and what are you supposed to do with your life?’ Since the topic was personal and relative to each individual, it would have been a huge challenge to give answers to such an ultimate question. You run a higher risk of disagreement. But Kristina took her own experience and made it universal…and every woman in that room, from so many different backgrounds, related and agreed. She’s so open and warm, you feel like you’ve made a really good friend… even when just sitting in the audience. – Genevieve Javellana, Marketing Coordinator

Kristina – I just wanted to say Thank You! I signed up for swimming and ballroom dance classes today. I’ll admit, neither is all that challenging or life changing, however, I’ve wanted to take these two courses for over a year now and just “haven’t gotten around to it.” I always find an excuse; I’m too busy or I have too much going on right now, etc. After attending the [Who Are You and What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life?] lecture and just thinking about last year’s events, I finally decided that I need to make time for activities that make me happy. I’m not promising that either activity is going to lead me down the right path and I’m still not sure what that path is…but I know that I’m incredibly excited about FINALLY making time for me. Thank you, Jennifer
– Jennifer D., PR Executive

Dear Kristina – Thank you so much for an inspiring Saturday at the Visioning Workshop. You know, I forgot how fun and POWERFUL that workshop really is. I have been looking at my collage all the time, and loving it more and more each time I see it. I am so proud of myself that I could create something so strong and beautiful. In my eyes, it’s absolutely perfect.  My job doesn’t allow for too much creativity, and I forget how much I enjoy being creative, and being able to pick up a pair of scissors and glue stick brings me back to the joys of childhood. My collage is pointing that my life will be going in a different direction soon (I am attending the IIN next semester) and the collage confirmed that it’s the right thing to do. Thank you again, for being such an inspiring diva….and I look forward to the next class with you! All my best, Amanda