Kristina founded The Women’s Mosaic® in New York City in January 2001 and has since then created over 95 events and grown the community to over 5000 women in order to promote intercultural understanding and personal growth.  Visit our Facebook Page to see descriptions and photos from many of them.

The Women’s Mosaic® (TWM)is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that educates, inspires and motivates women to express their full potential in all areas of life by providing opportunities to connect to themselves, each other and the world around them. Since January 2001, TWM has offered over 95 unique activities and events that have enabled women to reach across borders and cultures, allowing them to recognize, refine and reactivate their individual and collective power and place in the world.

Visit The Women’s Mosaic Facebook page where you can find photo albums from many of our events.

In September 2008, we launched CHICKS ROCK!, a blog that provides a vehicle for women to share their experiences related to diversity and personal growth.

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