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We are living in extraordinary times, asking us to dig deep and become stronger and better versions of ourselves, and improve our relationships to each other and the world around us. I hope to have helped make some sense of your journey by providing a little food for thought/comfort and perhaps a giggle along the way.

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Wishing you and your family the very happiest of holidays! Here’s to making 2013 the most Peaceful & Prosperous it can be!

In 2009, Southern Australia experienced some of the worst bushfires in over 20 years.  But the climate and landscape make them a regular occurrence, and many flora and fauna have adapted over time to use these periodic blazes to fertilize its soil, spread their seed and regenerate more quickly. New species that can thrive in such conditions have been introduced and folks in many places have even used controlled forest fires to remove underbrush and clear land for other constructive uses.

So with all the heartache and devastation that accompanies such incidents, it’s important to remember that there is a positive and negative aspect to everything; even disasters can ultimately be productive and have a silver lining.  One thing is for sure: you cannot ignore a fire. 

Sometimes we get to the place where destruction is required for something to be addressed/corrected/acknowledged and/or given the opportunity for that which is new and improved to exist.  The riots in London, the stock market and debt ceiling madness, the crises in Syria and Somalia, extreme weather and other ‘fires’ both here and around the world are ablaze, calling us to pay attention to them in one way or another*. It’s up to us to know what needs to hosed down, and what needs to simply burn baby burn.

In many ancient cultures, it is said the immortal mythical phoenix dies many deaths by bursting into flames only to return once again, rising from its own ashes for all eternity.  As you look upon the landscape of your own life, what needs to be consumed and let go of in its current form in order to be reborn anew more magnificently?

Can’t quite see through the smoke or feel the heat? Give me a buzz and I’ll show you which fires need to be put out, which need to be stoked and where one might need to be consciously lit under your butt so that something better can sprout up in its place and you can move forward in any area of your life.  I’ll either be that spark to Light Your Fire or help you with Burning Down the House…

(*Today’s PGG was originally posted on August 16, 2011)

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Last week I gave a talk at SIBL and one of the attendees wrote about it for her blog, so I thought I’d share an excerpt with you here. Read the entire post along with her other thoughts at Girl At Work. Enjoy!


Yesterday I received three job rejections…all at the same time.

I have been actively looking to start my career since my graduation a year and a half ago. The search has been arduous to say the least, and for the first time I cried. I cried because I was frustrated, because I felt stuck. But mostly I cried because I did not know how much more rejection I could take…A moment later I dried my tears and began looking again.

Upon my search, I came across a post for an event titled Staying Motivated throughout the Job Search Process  by New York based speaker and career coach Kristina Leonardi. The event was scheduled for that same day at 6pm. I made a mad dash for the door hoping I would make it on time.

On my way over to the New York Science, Industry and Business Library, I prayed that the event would not be a waste of time. I was in no mood to hear the same old job search tips. You know, the ones you usually get from a talking head in a business suit telling you to put your best foot forward and “Network Network Network!”.  Fortunately, it was nothing like that.

Here are five things that I learned in that brief hour and a half:

  1. Identify your own definition of success   Success differs from person to person. Sure, many define it as being famous and making lots of money, but that’s not the case for everyone.   It is important to find the right combination of success for you. What does “making it” mean to you? What did you picture yourself doing as a kid? Reevaluate what it is that you want and align it with your career.

2. “Your time and energy are your most precious resources”   Your time and energy are yours and should be cherished as so. Being where you want to be requires that you put in work, so be mindful of what you spend your time and thoughts on. Your resources should be put to good use.

3. Its not all about credentials  As someone with a master’s degree that in practicality has been pretty much useless, I know this to be true!   Kristina’s resume is exemplary- she has taught, founded her own company, served as a career/life coach and several other magnificent feats, all with just a bachelor’s degree. Having the most diplomas does not mean you will accomplish the most- it takes much more than that.

4. “Check your ego at the door”  Kristina told us of the time that she took a job as a smoothie maker.   She did this, not as a teenager, but as an adult with several accomplishments already under her belt. She took that $10 an hour job in order to realign herself- what she got in return was a plethora of opportunities. She made connections with several of her customers and discovered a love for career/life coaching. It takes a lot to humble yourself and know that you are not “too good” to do something. The universe will reward you for it.

5. ” Patience: A grape does not become a vintage bottle of wine overnight.”  Even if you’re not a big drinker you’ve got to admit that this is a great quote! In your career, as in life, patience is key. Sometimes the universe puts things in front of you not when you want it, but when you are ready to get it. So…don’t give up.

 Click here for the full post.

I have a friend who is going through a major transition trying to figure out what to do next, how to reconcile his past and secure his future. He has been doing a lot of soul searching lately and excavating his talents, skills and passions. But in the process of shedding that old skin I suggested he let go of his action-oriented descriptions, telling him: You need to decide who you want TO BE not what you want TO DO.

I am always recommending that folks spend time in and learn from Nature because Nature just is. When talking about patience and process, my favorite saying is ‘the acorn does not become an oak tree overnight’. Also, remember that an acorn has the inherent DNA to become an oak tree – it doesn’t question it. It just allows itself to unfold and grow as it should, but will look and feel different at every stage of the process.

Many of us have recently been confronted with doing things, working at jobs, being with people or having a particular attitude that may be good or bad,  or we may or may not have enjoyed two, ten or fifteen years ago but still exist in our lives in some way. It’s important to remember that as we evolve, we need to discern just like those old clothes in the closet that you’ve outgrown or perhaps bought but never wore, or that simply don’t suit you anymore, who you were then is not who you are now – and adapt accordingly.   

Over the years I have seen the remarkable transformations my clients have made.  When they have committed to and then do the work, they are able to approach, interact and experience things in a vastly different way, and are stronger and wiser for the changes they have had to both endure and initiate.

Not quite sure if you’re an elm tree or an oak, or were one of those uprooted or lost during the storm? I can be the plutonium that powers your own personal time machine to let go of the past and go Back to the Future to dig around, make adjustments, and plant new seeds that will make the present moment the very best it can be!

(A version of today’s PGG was originally posted on November 2, 2010)

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