Connection, Communication & Collaboration: Improving Workplace Culture from the Inside Out

A corporate culture is only as open, congenial and productive as the individuals in it, and the level of respect and trust they have in one another.  Whether you are looking to uplift company morale, increase employee engagement, harmonize department interactions or simply create a positive environment where staff can optimize their potential and flourish, providing an opportunity for self-reflection, authentic communication, and down-to-earth connection leads to organic collaboration that benefits both employer and employee alike.

Kristina Leonardi will create a program tailored to your company that accomplishes the above through a combination of interactive presentations, individual exercises and group activities that touches and builds upon the following themes:

Authentic Connection: Know Thyself

Active Listening & Constructive Communication

Collaboration & Community

Content can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on group size and dedicated time allotted considering employee workload for the most focused and optimal participation. Kristina can also provide on-site group coaching to maintain connection and support, or individual coaching for those who need more personalized attention to improve in a particular area.

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