Kristina can identify and address barriers to an employee’s success, eliminate internal and external obstacles in order to achieve an optimal performance and facilitate the most pleasant working environment and experience for both employee and employer, generating greater productivity and job satisfaction.  Includes leadership development, executive presence, communication skills, time management, stress reduction, work/life balance.


  • Kristina holds regularly scheduled hours per week
  • Times are blocked  to schedule private consultations or 15 minute free drop-ins
  • Kristina offers workshops and seminars on a monthly basis

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Kristina also offers Executive Coaching to Managers, Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders so that they can provide authentic leadership, motivate staff, cultivate teamwork, facilitate communication, inspire vision and culture, increase employee engagement, manage stress, and improve their own work/life wellness and executive presence.

 Kristina inspired and motivated our team of financial planners with unique perspectives and tips on how to better manage their time and energy.  Her dynamic presentation and suggestions to create an improved work/life paradigm and more productive approach to sales have helped to enable and facilitate the best possible experience for both our employees and their clients. In addition to the value Kristina brings as a speaker, I have also observed and appreciate the benefits of her coaching with one of our top planners and would heartily recommend her in either capacity.  – Greg Blum, Managing Partner, Center for Wealth Preservation