The old adage “patience is a virtue” is something I’ve been repeating to my clients a lot lately.  I also tell them the story of how I made myself some delicious soup recently – I chopped up a bunch of vegetables, poured chicken stock and split peas into a big pot, and guess what? That’s NOT soup….it had to cook *gasp* for over an hour before it became anything resembling an edible meal.

Just something to keep in mind as you pursue any job search or other goals and aren’t getting immediate results. Don’t let this world of instant email, texts and tweets throw you into a false sense of timing.  As you will hear me say in all of my talks ‘”the acorn does not become an oak tree overnight!”

Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet attended a seminar with me (or want a re-fresher!), I will be presenting my popular Spring Cleaning for the Soul talk with a New Year’s twist on February 10th through Women in Cable Telecommunications…it is open to the public and all the details are below.

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