Every day we find ourselves inundated with email, blogs, texts, status updates, tweets galore and more.  We are more connected yet disconnected than ever.  What kind of quality control do you have over interaction with the people who matter to you most?

Technology can keep us up to date with the latest photos of your vacation or what interesting article you just read, and more mundane things like how bored you are at work or what you ate for breakfast. But how much of that is really filling up your need to share and bond with others? Meeting with a friend over coffee or a glass of wine simply can’t be replaced by a Facebook ‘like’.

All these tools have their pros and cons when it comes to connecting with someone online versus in-person. They are like apples and oranges – and I suppose it’s better to have some fruit than none at all – but hopefully you have enough variety to add up to a tasty fruit salad.

Diana Ross sings, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can.”  At the end of the day we are humans, and humans need to feel ‘touched’ by other humans, not computers.

So make the effort to have a meaningful interaction with someone in your life on a weekly basis, and if you’re not sure who that should be or ‘don’t have the time’  I can help you see which relationships would be a nutritious snack, and which are just a bunch of artificial flavors.