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The American way of life is all about productivity and the value we place upon it.  This generally means how many hours you spend at the office, how many things you crossed off your to-do list, projects you completed, goals accomplished.

Another way of being ‘productive’ is by doing nothing. When used in correct proportion and at the right time, it can be the most productive thing you can do – that’s the reason why we should give ourselves a snow day at least once a month, regardless of the weather report!

Rest, relaxation and leisurely activities are productive not the least of which is because they literally recharge your batteries, an essential requirement that fuels ourselves to carry on. But more importantly, there is an ebb and a flow to our lives, and when you’re in a time of rest and dis-engagement, that’s often when the big idea, the solution to the problem, the words that you have been trying to force just appear….almost effortlessly.

You must let the ebb ebb and the flow flow. If you’re too busy doing, doing, doing, thinking, thinking, thinking, then there is no room for creativity to bubble up from within or inspire from without, to discover what you really want or feel, or for you to heal.

When you do a session with me, I am able to identify your rhythm of ebb and flow, and how the whole work/life balance dance fills your world. Sometimes you might not even realize how ‘off’ you are…and that’s exactly what’s been holding you back in your career, relationships or health…so I’m here to help and look forward to working with you soon!

Today is Groundhog Day, and whether or not a shadow was seen by that furry creature, it marks the midway point of winter – a time to be sure you’ve planted the seeds of all that you want to bloom come this Spring.

But today really reminds me of the fabulous movie starring Bill Murray, who gets up over and over to the same day with a chance to make things right each time, and ultimately makes the best changes to himself that attract Andie MacDowell and they live happily ever after.  It’s a good time to reflect on what you are doing everyday that is helping you get closer to or further away from your goals.  As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting  different results”

So what do The Grammy’s and Lady Gaga have to do with any of this? One year ago you probably never heard of her, yet on Sunday there she was, the opening act performing with Sir Elton John, on the biggest night in music.  Overnight success?  Never. From an early age she figured out who she was and what she was supposed to be doing with her life.  And with a clear vision, talent and determination took steps every day to get there.

I don’t know much about her journey, but one thing I will bet on is that it was INTENTIONAL, as everything about Gaga is. Anyone who was nominated or performed at The Grammy’s would have that in common, in varying degrees.  No matter what you want to do make your life about it, morning, noon and night and you will see results – at any age.

If you need some clarity and guidance about what success looks like for you, identified it but not sure how you can get there, or just need some support along the way, I’m here to help you sort it all out with a one-on-one or group session. Be sure to check out all your options below…I look forward to seeing you soon!

The old adage “patience is a virtue” is something I’ve been repeating to my clients a lot lately.  I also tell them the story of how I made myself some delicious soup recently – I chopped up a bunch of vegetables, poured chicken stock and split peas into a big pot, and guess what? That’s NOT soup….it had to cook *gasp* for over an hour before it became anything resembling an edible meal.

Just something to keep in mind as you pursue any job search or other goals and aren’t getting immediate results. Don’t let this world of instant email, texts and tweets throw you into a false sense of timing.  As you will hear me say in all of my talks ‘”the acorn does not become an oak tree overnight!”

Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet attended a seminar with me (or want a re-fresher!), I will be presenting my popular Spring Cleaning for the Soul talk with a New Year’s twist on February 10th through Women in Cable Telecommunications…it is open to the public and all the details are below.

And don’t forget, if you need a little one-on-one session to help get some clarity and guidance and want to receive the lowest rates possible, my special New Year’s offer will expire this Sunday. If you have been thinking about it, now would be a great time to book your meeting with me!

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. – a day when we are asked to use our time and energy to serve others for the greater good.   Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the work you do every day has that effect?

If you are doing what you love, then chances are it is! When we express who we are and do what we love, others will automatically benefit – whether it’s from the work itself, or the positive vibes around us just because we are happier and more fulfilled. Joy is contagious!

If not, then you are like many people who feel they need any job for a job’s sake. But that is when we are least in harmony with who we are and it causes much unnecessary stress and aggrivation….who needs that?!

Contrary to conventional wisdom, service can actually come from serving our self as much as we serve others.

If you are feeling frustrated or lost with your career and/or transition and know you need a change, I can offer some solutions through a one-on-one consultation or group coaching.  Either way, it’s an opportunity to give a little boost, balance and direction to your career and life path. I sincerely hope to get you in the right direction so you can start sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world – we need you!

Happy New Year!  How ya doin’ with those resolutions so far?  There is so much hype and pressure around making huge life changes and setting goals starting January 1st that it’s easy to feel utterly defeated when we don’t succeed that first week, and therefore just give up. Yes, it is the beginning of a new calendar year, and there are no other holidays for a while, so the world likes to make this time far more momentous than I believe it deserves. After an intense holiday period of excess and socialization, it is unrealistic for you to turn on a dime and start things completely fresh, especially if they are habits that you’ve had for 20 or 30 years!  Change and growth do not happen overnight.

As we go through our lives there are various cycles that affect us, with many opportunities for new beginnings that occur in more authentic ways, and are further in line with where we are at in life at any given moment.  January is a particularly good time though to review the past year and to THINK about and understand the changes you want to make going forward – really get reflective and go inward to see what is out of balance, what direction you want to be going in and what small adjustments you want to make in your daily life to be more fulfilled.  True change can only happen after you’ve made an internal shift, and the inner work that you do is just as valuable as the external results you desire.

Nature and the planets are more in tune with our existence and can help guide us as well; the New and Full Moons and Eclipses throughout the year, the Lunar New Year (this year on Feb. 14th); the seasons (i.e. Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes), our individual birthday, which is our own personal New Year, and the sunrise each and every day are all good examples.  The important thing to remember is that life is a process.  Be true to who you are and take one day at a time knowing what is best for you and your goals – and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make this first week or month the picture of perfection you envisioned on Dec. 31st. Setting a timeline and internal clock that is in harmony with YOU will be much more effective – and that will be something to celebrate at any time of the year!

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