When I was a kid, we used go around teasing each other as if this was some embarrassing declaration. Of course the joke was that it’s almost always showing, especially in the summer!

Our physical body is our face to the world, but it’s not all of us.  If we consider that our skin is the clothing for who we really are, then what do you look like naked? Does your inner self reflect what’s on the outside and vice-versa?

Well, if you are a cast member of Jersey Shore, I would say the answer might be yes…but then there is the question of when is exposing too much epidermis making up for a lack of something underneath? And what about what you wear on your body? This, too, is an extension and expression of your true self and has nothing to do with looking like you stepped out of the latest issue of Vogue.

The goal is to be so in harmony with your thoughts, words and deeds that it shows in your personality, clothes and interactions with others; save the masks and uniforms for Halloween or a tv reality show.  The irony is that most of the time transparency happens whether you like it or not – what’s going on the inside will automatically be seen on the outside.

So if you are not quite feeling like your magnificence is reflected in your Manolo’s  (or your substance in your Snooki-bump or spray-tan),   give me a buzz.  I can be your outer mirror and inner stylist to help every part of you shine!