There’s a saying that warns about not ‘seeing the forest for the trees,’ a metaphor for when one is too mired down in details to recognize the big picture of whatever a particular situation encompasses, or your life in general.

These days it is easier to do so in the most unconscious ways; now more than ever we are sucked into dealing with all the daily minutiae of responding to emails and texts, updating and reading tweets and facebook posts, paying bills, cleaning out/up our homes/offices etc.  – all of which to a certain extent are necessary and which make us feel productive, but many times are not moving us forward or getting us closer to our goals.

Fairy tales often center around the woods and the mysteries they appear to contain or reveal.  Be sure to make regular, not just once upon a time, visits with your journal to a forest near you to experience their magic and wisdom, keeping in mind  the ‘enchantments’ that accompany such journeys always point to the fact that the answers, tools and courage our hero/heroine is searching for exist inside themselves, and as a result transformation occurs.

So the irony of that famous saying then is that being literally surrounded by trees is one of the best places you can be in order to see the forest!

But if you can’t make it upstate or to the woodsiest part of Central Park for a few hours, give me a buzz and I can be like one of those Ents from Lord of the Rings that shepherds you with a bird’s eye view to help you live happily ever after all the way through!