Although I am intrigued by the Wild West and love a good Jane Austen movie, I am always grateful that we live in a much more modern era.

One glaring difference of course is the way we communicate. In 1860 it took mucho dinero and ten days for the Pony Express to cross the country – a miracle feat at the time. Today, with little or no cost, we can send words, documents, letters and more for our recipients to see in mere seconds.

Women like Lizzie Bennet spent days, weeks or months on end waiting for a letter from their Darcys and it was the only form of communication they had if they were not in the same room with one another. In 2010 the ability to have those messages delivered almost instantly can accelerate the suffering or joy couples endured back then.

We can express ourselves and have relationships with others in a myriad of ways online that we would never have the opportunity or speed with which to do otherwise.  But as The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin recently said: “Socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality.” so we must use it wisely.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made it work for them… But as in anything else,  with all the choices at our disposal, we need to be balanced in our communications diet. Writing can be preferable to talking for the clarity it contains when  time and thought has gone into it, and putting feelings – which are often the most difficult to convey- on ‘paper’  or in a image or song, can often carry more meaning in that form.  And sometimes you just need to pick up the phone.

So if you’re not sure what, when, where, why or how to say what you need to say or want to develop more of your offline relationships rather than online ‘friends’, just give me a buzz, and I will help you with the write stuff that truly delivers when you need it the most.