Elections bring out the best and worst in people and politicians, especially in this contentious climate. But casting your vote in the broadest sense means that you are exercising your right to exist and participate in life.

I have a friend going through a major transition trying to figure out what to do next, how to reconcile his past and secure his future. He has been doing a lot of soul searching lately and excavating his talents, skills and passions. But in the process of shedding that old skin I suggested he let go of his action-oriented descriptions, saying “You need to decide who you want TO BE not what you want TO DO.

I am always recommending that folks spend time in and learn from Nature because Nature just is. When talking about patience and process, my favorite saying is ‘the acorn does not become an oak tree overnight’. Also, remember that an acorn has the inherent DNA to become an oak tree – it doesn’t question it. It just allows itself to unfold and grow as it should, but will look and feel different at every stage of the process.

Many of my clients have recently been confronted with doing things or being with people that in the past they had bad experiences or simply didn’t like or enjoy, two, ten or fifteen years ago.  Like those old clothes in the closet that you’ve outgrown or perhaps bought but never wore, or that simply don’t suit you anymore – who you were then is not who you are now.

I have seen the transformations my clients have made.  Because they have done the work I know they will approach, interact and experience things in a vastly different way this time around, if only to show themselves that they have indeed changed.

So if you’re not quite sure if you’re an elm tree or an oak, or if you’re thinking about doing something you’ve been fearful of in the past, I can be like Christopher Lloyd’s time machine and help you go Back to the Future to dig around, let go of and adjust things to make your present the very best it can be.