This time of year with its emphasis on excessive merry-making and gift-giving combined with cold weather, shorter days and a challenging economy (with a Mercury retrograde thrown in this year, too!) would cause even the jolliest of Santas to pack their sack and head back to the North Pole to hibernate just like their grizzly neighbors so wisely do.

All our focus is on parties and socializing, yet our natural tendency is to go inward for the winter; we are pulled to do all of these external things in a very short amount of time when we should be winding down and checking in with ourselves and preparing for the new year to come…and therefore find ourselves off balance in a big way.  It’s no wonder anxiety and stress levels are skyrocketing and everyone is just doing their best not to crack under the pressure of the ho ho ho!

So how to make it through the holidaze in tact?  We need to be extra-mindful, stay centered and connected to ourselves and not go to extremes or make any major decisions. Have an extra dose of patience with yourself and others, take deep breaths, laugh it off, do lots of yoga, tai-chi and meditation, use Rescue Remedy, have a massage,  make soup, get some fresh air, spend quality time with good friends, cuddle with your loved ones, and most of all be kind and gentle to yourself.

Another idea is to give yourself the gift of having a session with someone who can offer an unbiased positive perspective with adjustments and solutions that will put you back on track and in balance wherever you need it.  I’d love to be able to help and get whatever is going on in your head out of it so that you can enjoy a truly peaceful and joyous  holiday season!