It always seems a little off to me that Valentine’s Day takes place in the astrological sign of liberty-loving, independent, eccentric Aquarius, characteristics which are more suited to a people’s revolution or Grammy Red Carpet.  With all that kind of energy in the air lately,  freedom looks as good on Egyptians as it does on Lady Gaga.

Right now we’re in the midst of Fashion Week in NYC.  To many people it is a seemingly frivolous and fun affair, but the reality is that as long as there are options in what is acceptable for us to wear, there exists freedom in other areas – think of Mao suits and corsets, burkas and beards. Every since we decided to not walk around in our birthday suits, if we’re lucky, we can have varying degrees of expression in how we cover our naked bodies.

It’s been twenty years since George Michael’s classic video, when we knew the models names, they had meat on their bones and the artist was nowhere in sight, wanting to liberate himself from the bubble gum image of his Wham! days. Today it’s the designers who are more the rock stars, and perhaps appropriately so.

Devil Wears Prada masterminding and Fashion Police citations aside, the fashion industry is its own version of freedom fighters, providing us with the garments we need to protect and express who we are, which in turn fuels an environment to pursue work we are passionate about, breeds a culture that is inclusive, gives us permission to love whoever we want, and most of all enables us the freedom to be ourselves.

Pop stars and celebrities can take this to the extreme, as it requires a more courageous soul to carry off a Cee-lo or Nikki Minaj ensemble, but the more they push the boundaries of self-expression, the more they give us all permission to do so. Not sure if your style is more Bieber or Beyonce, Rock n’ Roll or Rihanna?  Give me a buzz and we’ll uncover and unleash an inner you reflected in an outer style that makes the most of who you are, inside and out!