Last week I saw the Broadway show Born Yesterday, a remake of the movie originally made in 1950. The revival could not be more timely with its themes of corporate and government greed, the corruption between the two, and the price one is willing to pay for a glamorous life in lieu of an honorable one.   

I also recently attended a seminar on negotiation, where the very credentialed professor asked us to assign monetary values to almost everything we do in order to come to an optimal decision in any scenario, i.e. leaving our significant other for an opportunity or moving to an undesirable location for a job. I found the exercise to be an interesting one that I didn’t totally agree with, but the point he was trying to make is that everyone has their price.

With the government narrowly avoiding a shutdown over budget issues, there was much back and forth about which party was going to concede what to keep our country functioning.  In these times of uncertainty, especially if you are in career transition, we must ask ourselves what am I willing sacrifice in order to get what I want and make ends meet?     

The world must transform its values from profit to purpose and it’s up to us to demand it. Traditionally our culture has made it difficult; in some ways it’s getting more so; on the other hand things are beginning to change as people are becoming more unsatisfied and searching for a life of meaning, and corporations are responding to the public’s desire for their dollars to do double duty via cause related marketing, corporate social responsibility initiatives and social entrepreneurship in general.     

The tide is slowly turning, but in the meantime you may feel caught between in a rock and a hard place trying to do something in line with your authentic self that earns a decent living. But if you are in a job for the paycheck only, you might want to analyze what it is costing your health, your relationships, and your peace of mind to be in that position.  Just like everyone has their price, everything comes with a price.

The ultimate goal is to have a prosperous life that comes from a place of principles and to have quality over quantity; one does not have to be mutually exclusive of the other, but it is a journey that requires commitment, time and patience.

We all have a little Material Girl or guy in us, but there’s no reason for you to be any version of Lady Marmelade, Roxanne or Just a Gigolo. So [insert your name here] , come on down and I will help you discover how your goods can serve others and yourself without selling out, and create a win-win situation in every area of your life!