Last week I was featured in an article in The Daily Muse so I thought I’d share it with you here:

 What I Learned Working with a Career Coach

by Ilana Donna Arazie

I remember the day I got laid off. While the HR woman was reading off some legalese about my rights and benefits, my mind was drifting off to a beach, where I’d relax, sunbathe, and take some time off.

At that moment, I was grateful that I was being given the time to plot my next move and create my dream job (while sipping a few Mojitos, of course). I decided I would never sit at a cubicle again, my alarm clock would never go off before 8:30, and I’d only work on projects I was passionate about.

But after I had packed up my boxes and walked through those corporate doors for the last time, another thought hit me: Um, so what exactly is my passion anyway?

I realized that I wasn’t so clear on my dream job, or how to even approach planning the next steps in my career. And although I’m sure the answers were somewhere inside me, I needed to bring them up to the surface.

So I decided to enlist the help of a career coach-a move I’d recommend to anyone in my boat. Kristina Leonardi, a coach recommended to me by a friend, helped me figure out how to better integrate my passions into my job (after a nice beach break, of course). After meeting with her over several weeks, here are the important lessons she’s helped me remember and discover.  Read More