This week’s PGG is excerpted from an article I was featured in both The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Enjoy!

I’ve always over analyzed situations growing up. I was a Psych major for that very reason. Well, that plus four years of free therapy. Women are infamous for over-thinking, obsessing about “Why didn’t he call?” Or “Should I buy these shoes?” Or “I hate these shoes I bought but all I can think about is why didn’t he call!

Life coach Kristina Leonardi puts it this way: “Our guts and hearts are like hard drives, our minds the software. We need to let our centers do the heavy lifting and lead the way. But like any other muscle, you need to exercise love, intuition and trust in yourself on a regular basis. Then, little by little you grow stronger and more confident in order to let that part of you run the show, instead of your brain.”

Just listening to her say that makes me feel better and lighter. So, I recently attended Leonardi’s support group for people in career transition. They all had the same issue: ruminating about their next professional move.

Leonardi explains that becoming totally present allows us to know what feels right as a next step at any given moment. To get there, she recommends doing the following at least once a week:

  • Do something physical, preferably an activity that requires some concentration and skill, or even simple manual labor.
  • Be creative with your hands: paint, knit, cook or throw pottery.
  • Journal to get the thoughts out of your head and out onto the paper.
  • Play with animals or small children.
  • Disconnect from technology and spend time in nature.

These are all doable ideas, yes? So today, I’m going to sun it up at a friend’s pool, not thinking about what I should be doing tomorrow.

Instead, I’ll concentrate on my breaststroke…and lead with my heart.

Click here for the full article either on Psychology Today or The Huffington Post