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For this week’s PGG I thought I would share excerpts from a blog post about a  talk I gave to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network last February.  Enjoy!  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Last month, Kristina Leonardi, the Founder of The Women’s Mosaic offered tips to young nonprofit employees on how they can de-stress and make improvements in the different areas of their lives.  Focusing on work/money, relationships, and health, Leonardi shared the following advice:

1) Examine your relationship with work and money   Work takes up a majority of your time and energy, which are precious resources. You may say you want a job where you “can help people,” but it’s really important to understand why. Ask yourself, “What are my gifts and talents I can offer to the world, and how can the world benefit from them?”

Don’t get stuck in a job that you hate. Get a job that accommodates what you want to do. Make sure the position is a stepping stone towards the direction you want to go.

What comes to mind when you think of money? The way you feel about money has an impact on your life. “How you treat money is how it will treat you back,” said Leonardi.  Remember that you are not your bank account, paycheck, debt, or job title. Money is not part of you; it should have no bearing on who you are. Ask yourself, “What is my definition of prosperity and success?” It’s different for everybody.

2) Spend some reviewing and rebuilding your relationships You may need to “spring clean” your relationships. Let go of relationships which take too much energy from you. 

“You cannot give what you don’t have. You want to give from a place of abundance, where your cup is overflowing. You’ll be able to give much more effortlessly and effectively. ”

Take the time to spend quality time with yourself. “Date yourself,” says Leonardi. “Go to the movies or have dinner with yourself. Get re-acquainted with yourself through journals, by asking questions like ‘Who am I?'”

3) Participate in a multifaceted detox If anything is out of balance, it will show up in your body and home. Below are a few ways you can detox different areas of your life.

1) Home Detox: The home is a physical representation of yourself. If you have clutter, get rid of it.

2) Friendship Detox: Some people can take a lot of energy from us. Let go of those people.

3) Emotional Detox: “Most of us walk around emotionally-constipated,” said Leonardi. “As emotions come up, deal with them. Don’t repress them. If you do, you’re not letting the normal course of things have their process. It’s okay to cry!”

4) Mental Detox. What’s the tape that’s constantly running through your mind? Is it about a relationship gone bad,  a job loss or negative words about yourself or others? Get rid of those thoughts. Be conscious of what you think – we become the things we think.

5) Electronics Detox. Don’t make checking your phone the first thing you do in the morning. Avoid going on social networking sites every day all day. Discern how you can use technology to your benefit and advantage. Take off at least one day a week from being on the computer.

Given how ambitious young professionals can be, it is easy to forget to focus on personal growth.  Leonardi offered solid resources and unique suggestions to help them maintain balance.

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