Those of you who have known or worked with me for a while are aware that I have never been comfortable being the center of attention, and am an introvert by nature.  But I do have something to say, and have been saying stuff in public now for many years!

As I mention in my seminars, Eleanor Roosevelt, one of my heroes, famously encouraged us to “Do the thing you fear the most.”  One of those things for me besides being ‘on stage’ is being in front of the camera.  Another thing I talk about is once you figure out who you are, own it.  I’m also always saying that we teach what we need to learn (and write what we need to read), and since I do my best to walk my talk and practice what I preach…

Last week I had someone videotape my Who Are You and What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life? seminar at SIBL. They very kindly put together this little excerpt, so for this week’s PGG I thought I would share it.  (For all of you who were at my talk – over 70 of you! – welcome, sorry for the repeat so soon, and usually these are essays 🙂  I’ll be back next week with something to read, but this week here is something to watch.  What can you do today to own who you are?

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