This has been a challenging year for many, both personally, professionally and beyond; the end of the year seems to be going out with a ‘bang’ as well…so if you, like me and many others I know, find yourself in the midst of getting a good squeeze from the Universe, just keep asking: What is it that I am supposed to learn from this struggle/pain/stress? How is it that I am meant to grow?”  and trust the answer will come exactly when and as it should.  In the meantime, be sure to have an Attitude of Gratitude! (check out my thoughts on that here).

I am so grateful to all my clients and readers – you allow me to express myself in a deep, fulfilling way and to experience my own personal growth, as we write what we need to read and teach what we need to learn. 🙂 Many thanks to you all and enjoy the holiday weekend! Kristina


Whenever the fourth Thursday in November rolls around, we are meant to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Traditionally that would imply appreciating all that is good or positive and bring us joy and happiness or that we could not live without.

While that is certainly warranted, why not also be grateful for the funky, not-so-positive, annoying and pain-in-the-you-know- where stuff as well – the people, things and situations that challenge us, push our buttons or make us feel uncomfortable.

As the saying goes, “There are no problems, only opportunities.” Our crises and difficulties are chances for us to test our mettle, see what we’re made of, and to become stronger and wiser for it. They are occasions for us to make course corrections, adjustments, tune-ups and put ourselves back in balance or on track, or perhaps a different, better track. If things went smoothly all the time you wouldn’t have to dig deep, really look at yourself, search within for answers, or find new creative ways of doing things.  Innovation is problem solving at its most basic level  (just watch those Dyson commercials), so where would we be without all the problems we’ve had?

Whether unemployed, having a health crisis or trouble in your personal or professional relationships, take a step back and see what is the Universe trying to show/teach you?  Remember those carbon atoms wouldn’t become diamonds without extreme high pressure and heat.

So this year, be thankful not only for the bird that you are about to eat (or tofurkey if that is more your style) but for all those ‘turkeys’ in your life – the folks and circumstances that gave you stress and grief but also compelled you to overcome those obstacles and become the person  you are today.

Need a little help seeing how the cr*p in your life is really cool, give me a buzz and we’ll figure out what should be basted and tasted, and what is simply a little fat that needs to be trimmed….  Happy Thanksgiving!


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