We’ve just celebrated  International Women’s Day , so in honor of this occasion I’d like to give a special shout-out to all the men out there and encourage you to celebrate the many ways women make your lives better (i.e.check out my post from last week), acknowledge what you can learn from them, and inspire you to get in touch with your feminine side with unabashed pride.

Dan Abrams recently came out with a book called Man Down, a tome that provides extensive research proving how women are pretty much better at everything than men. Whether or not you believed that already, the key here is to remember that we are not in a Battle of the Sexes, but more that everyone, regardless of the gender you are identified as or associate with, needs to demonstrate the best characteristics of both worlds.

The reality is that most men have a problem expressing emotion, long considered a “girlie” trait. The amazing irony is that as I am literally in the midst of writing this post (which has been planned for more than a day) I flip the TV channel to catch the end of Charlie Rose interviewing David Brooks about his book The Social Animal. Charlie, who is clearly an exception to the rule, admits how important it is for people to have the “power to express yourself and have emotional intelligence.” David comments how he, and most men, struggle with this and how he admires Bruce Springsteen as someone who is a ‘manly working class guy who can be emotional in a respectable way.’  (Thanks fellas for validating this as I type it!)

Most men will never know What It Feels Like For a Girl, so since this year the day also falls on Mardi Gras, what better excuse is there than to ‘dress’ in drag metaphorically and try your woman-like alter ego on for size.  I don’t mean like a full-on Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire, but more like the guys in I Love You, Man or The Boss in all his glory; allow yourself to be just a little more sensitive, intuitive, creative, and expressive of what it is you’re feeling. 

Whether your birth announcement was pink or blue, we all need to balance our Mickey with our Minnie, so give me a buzz and I’ll give you an opportunity and show you the way to make the most of all of who you are, without having to shave your legs, put on a fake moustache or become like SNL’s Pat

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(*Today’s PGG was originally posted on March 8, 2011)


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