When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. ~ Peter Marshall

In case you haven’t noticed, my Personal Growth Gab eblasts have been a bit erratic as of late.  I have been juggling several balls and doing the best I can, in the time I have, with the resources at my disposal, and frankly for the most part have been kickin’ some butt managing it all!

Although I do not received any direct monetary compensation for sending out these weekly PGGs , I have received an overwhelmingly positive response, which provides a level of satisfaction, joy and sense of obligation for me to consistently give you some food for thought, inspiration and perhaps a chuckle to start your week.

But sometimes life gets to be too much all at the same time, and as another PGG says, Something’s Gotta Give. The good news is that these times are always temporary.      

When I was in Tunisia during Ramadan a few years ago, our guide could not eat or drink the entire day while he was educating us about the history and architecture of his country and taking care of all our needs. When I expressed my concern for him working under such conditions, he replied in the calmest, most Zen way, which only a person who is fasting while working 10-12 hours a day in the heat and could say, ” There are no problems, only opportunities.” 

Between the extreme summer temperatures, the public pressure felt from the debt ceiling and other world problems, the many decisions and twists of fate that have been thrown my way -all while trying to throw a celebration of the last ten years of my life – have been an exercise in self-worth, focus and discipline. Let’s just say a few of my carbon atoms have definitely transformed into diamonds, or at least crystallized!

I’ve chosen a journey that includes many challenging situations, having to prove myself and my tenacity, putting everything I preach into practice, be able to turn on a dime, process things quickly and ask for help. I’ve been getting quite the workout, that’s for sure, and have felt like a ninja warrior most recently, but am so grateful, as I am stronger and better for having gone through it all. 

Feeling a little Under Pressure yourself?  Give me a buzz and I can show you how to walk through the fire and become a lean, mean, diamond-making machine. We’ll figure out what the heck and why and what the benefit of all that was – knowing everything happens in time and on time to keep you going and growing in the direction to become the mighty oak that you are!

(*Today’s PGG was originally posted on August 2, 2011)


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