As we head into the dog days of summer and things quiet down and/or you get outta of town before the busy days of Fall, I thought I would not-so-subtley suggest that you have my book, Personal Growth Gab (PGG) Volume One: Thought-provoking, inspirational and entertaining essays to keep you connect to yourself and make sense of this journey called Life to read on the plane, at the beach, poolside, while camping or on staycation!

What’s it about? Oh a little bit a this, a little bit a that. It’s the first five years of PGG (these weekly email blasts), which means 131 essays about self-care, career direction, transition, stress, feeling lost, going with the flow and more. They’re ideas, observations, and unique perspectives to make you think about yourself and your life in a new way, motivate you to make positive change, help ease those challenging times and perhaps have a chuckle or two.

You can scroll up or down on this email for the permanent promos, or read the official launch announcement and post-party wrap up for more info. And did I mention that it’s beautifully designed and has lots of fun music and movie references? You can go to the look inside feature on Amazon for a glimpse as well as check out the reviews (please add one yourself if you’ve already read it!), but I thought maybe I’d share some direct feedback I’ve received from readers:

Not going away? Here’s what Joanne S. emailed me the other day: “I love your book.  Perfect length for subway rides :)”

And Nicole O. also emailed, “I started reading your book on my commute home this evening and I love it! Such a nice way of thinking about things to bring someone to the positive side.”

Wendy L., a busy mother of three, told me on Facebook: “Hi Kristina, love your book…I enjoy reading it as a morning meditation before the chaos begins.”  Mary Ann M. echoed those thoughts: “I love your book I read it every day.”

Not sure what it might do for you? One day I woke up to this message from Jennifer M.: “I am reading your book – have about an hour this morning to myself before the craziness of life begins and I just read “Labor Pains” – I honestly have to tell you it has got me thinking !! I feel like at this point in my life I am just going through the motions with no direction – no goal for myself. Get up go to work / spend time with family and friends / pay bills / cook / clean etc. I really need to figure out what I should be focusing onbelieve I am happy but I think if I focus my energy on one thing to improve myself or my life – I may find even more happiness. I am really enjoying it!!”

Still curious? Take it from Anna P., who told me last week:  “I just finished your book and loved it. Some of what you say I really related to and other times it was like when Arsenio Hall used to say ‘Things that make you go hmmmmm….”   

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