Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays for a variety of reasons, and not just for the day off, barbecues and fireworks.  America’s birthday holds special place in my heart for the idealism it inspires and the respect and gratitude I have for the wisdom, sacrifice and most of all, courage that our Founding Fathers displayed that fateful summer of 1776.

As I always mention in my seminars, the root of the word courage is “cor” the Latin word for heart. This means that anything requiring courage is something that comes from the heart, from a place of deep love, a passion for what is pushing oneself to do.

The Founding Fathers’ profound love for Life, Liberty and Justice laid the foundation for the birth of a nation that promotes the growth of its most precious natural resource – the freedom of its citizens, i.e. We the People –  to use our time and energy as we see fit, expressing ourselves and living a life we choose that is without harm to others. Because of the diversity of the 13 colonies, each with its own interests and identity, the ideal at the time had to be compromised regarding the institution of slavery in order to gain a unanimous vote for independence from England…But we had to start somewhere, otherwise we might really have been affected by Kate & Will’s nuptials across the pond, or all our TV hosts would be British…oh wait…

Our country is by no means perfect and will continue to have its ups and downs, but ultimately it’s up to each of us to make it the best we can. So what will your contribution be to this great experiment? How will you leave your symbolic “John Hancock” on history?    

One thing we can all do is make the question Where is the Love?”  obsolete in our corner of the world.  Each of us can exercise that freedom 24/7, so be sure to consistently unleash your love on that special someone, your work, your friends and family, community, a cause, the nation, the planet, strangers, and life itself.

You say you want a Revolution?  Give me a buzz and I’ll help you ring the Liberty Bell in your life because we are all Free to Be … You and Me.

(Today’s PGG was originally published on July 5, 2011)


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