Whew, what a year!   Here’s a look back at the PGG’s written in 2016, of which turned out to be mostly either very personal, or very political…hmmm.  Of course you can always read any of my 150+ original PGG’s on the home page of my website at www.kristinaleonardi.com

Whether we’ve worked together directly or not, I’m so very glad you’re here and hope you enjoy my regular PGG emails which will be back next week. 

Here’s to your Peace, Prosperity and Purpose in 2017 and beyond!

Strong Medicine the physician can have a placebo effect, and therefore become the medicine itself.  That sparked an a-ha moment for me – I realized that I’m not a doctor, but through my writing, speaking and especially coaching, I am medicine, and strong medicine at that!  Click here to read full PGG

Feelings, Part 1 As we come more and more siloed, and only virtually connected, these experiences become more rare and intensified as we advance in our technological age. And remember, emotions are contagious, so choose your tribes and tribal experiences wisely. Click here to read full PGG

Rest Assured  even if you haven’t been physically straining yourself with a sword and shield somewhere, (and perhaps even getting enough sleep), you have been exerting yourself on levels you might not be aware of and it takes its toll nonetheless.  Hence the rest.   Click here to read full PGG

Are You My Mother? Mothering oneself and others is essential to both inner and outer peace, so no matter who you are, what your status or gender, we can all strive for and celebrate being the best mothers we can be.   Click here to read full PGG

An Unlikely Trinity With the departure of each of these great souls, it feels more and more auspicious; I keep wondering who is going to take their places (because no one could fill their shoes), who will demonstrate wisdom and profiles in courage, who will be the new voices?   Click here to read full PGG

10,000 Hours ...the most important commitment you can make is to yourself. Knowing, accepting and loving who you are and the cycles of personal growth and TIME it will take to become your very best in order to maximize your potential and prosperity – this is the root of all the other commitments. Click here to read full PGG

Stranger in a Strange Land We must be hyper-aware and ever-vigilant of when we are letting outside influences, the manipulation of media and external distractions effect our ability to think for ourselves and control our most precious resources of time and energy, rather than producing our own news, plots and storylines in which we are the writers, directors and stars. Click here to read full PGG  

Bubble Burst  ...more than ever we need to share our experiences and perspectives with one another in a safe, grounded and open-minded manner, because that is the only way we will find out that we actually have more in common than we think.This is a revolutionary act that is not partisan, it’s patriotic. Click here to read full PGG

A Matter of Perspective   But history has shown us that desperation often leads to dangerous deception and despotism Click here to read full PGG


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