What’s going on? Whether socially or sensually, many have gotten’ it on to Marvin Gaye’s tunes, being enlightened and healed in a variety of ways as a result. You say you want a revolution? The Beatles told us it’s gonna be all right.  And the Rolling Stones declared we can’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes, we get what we need.

The turmoil taking place both here and across the pond (oil spill, flooding, volcanic ash clouds, tornadoes, bankrupt governments, elections up in the air, stock market plunges, foiled terrorist plot, political protests and strikes [insert 2017 disasters and political chaos here…]) can put you a little on edge if you really consider all these upheavals happening simultaneously. If you are feeling directly affected or anxious about them, there are ways to keep you in the groove.

Think about what crisis is bubbling up or spinning out of control in your world – physically, emotionally or otherwise. Since we are all connected on one level or another, we can each create peace in our own piece of the pie. If we take responsibility to extinguish, learn from, and even prevent massive fires from burning up our individual lives, we’ll be doing our part to keep things as collectively calm as possible.

So if you find yourself in stormy seas, give me a buzz.  I’ll help you see what might be stirring things up and offer solutions to get you back on course.  Like Simon & Garfunkel, I can be that bridge over troubled water that will ease your mind…

(Today’s PGG was originally published on May 11, 2010)



This past June 2017  I had someone film parts of my New Attitude Summer School series (see info below), which resulted in this very-roughly-edited-not-the-best-quality video of uninterrupted remarks wrapping up the workshop “Lead Yourself to Success (in Work & Life!)

In this excerpt covering the final ten minutes, I summarize my thoughts about confidence, being a leader in your own life,  maintaining your individuality and humanity in the times we live in, and why the world is relying on you to be successful.   Enjoy & Stay Tuned for Fall Classes!

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