August 17, 2017, marked my 10-year anniversary of being a professional coach. Holy moly. It seems surreal to even be typing that.

It’s been a wondrous and fulfilling journey, one in which I am constantly learning and continuously developing. I truly love what I do and I am immensely grateful for how it has organically taken shape and form over these years. Coaching has served me and my own personal growth as much as it has allowed me to serve others, so if you are one of those people who trusted me with the privilege and honor of working with you, either individually or as part of a group session – THANK YOU.

Throughout August, I have thought about highlighting this milestone, but because of everything going on in our country and the world it seemed indulgent or insignificant in comparison to the very real issues we are dealing with as a nation, and I wanted to be offering PGGs to help you navigate these stressful times, provide a little respite and hope, and inspire you with ways to improve your world and the world around you. And I will continue to do so …

But a 10-year anniversary comes along only once, so I decided to finally share it here, because I realized it is the very thing we need to do in times like these: Celebrate who we are and what we have accomplished so that we are reminded we each have the power within us to effect positive change, evolve and make our mark on our corner of the world – whatever that looks like for you, in whatever capacity, big or small, it all matters, it is all important when you come from the highest and best good within you. We can all recognize, encourage and be examples for one another.

When you are aligned with who you are and what you are supposed to be doing with your life, it means you have a sense of purpose, ease and sanity that is essential to creating peace in your life, and hence peace in the world around you. Our country needs as many of us out there to do this – STAT. I view my role as helping people get on their path – no matter where they are in their career or life – as part of my contribution to the overall well-being of the planet. I do this by providing clarity, balance and direction that allows you to achieve your version of success, even if that is simply finding a way to be content with where you are at.

As I reflect on my career each August, I always remember and give a shout-out to my very first client, who was a young woman named Lisette Miranda. I don’t recall our session in much detail; what I do remember was her being interested in PR, but during the course of our conversation, she admitted that she wanted to be on the red carpet someday, not behind the scenes supporting someone else.

We have been friends on Facebook for a while now, and it just so happened that on August 1 she changed her profile picture to the one I’ve included here. Amazed, I tagged her, shared the photo and here is our exchange:

Do you realize how auspicious it is that you changed your profile picture to this today, August 1, 2017?? As my very first coaching client, one of the things I remember from our session is you talking about how you wanted to someday be on a red carpet. Ten years later – almost exactly to the day – here you are!!!!! Who knew the journey that would get you there, and in what context, but you made it happen!!

I will always be grateful to you for trusting me – one DECADE ago this month – as I began this journey doing work I truly deeply love and am constantly inspired and amazed by. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS on all you have accomplished thus far – can’t wait to see how you continue to grow and evolve! 

Lisette replied: Thank you! I remember our session very well. I was so young and uncertain. I felt like i couldn’t map out my next meal let alone my next professional steps. I was at a cross roads and I needed an “outsiders” perspective. You gave me some sound advice and I proceeded to redirect my professional course. I was about 23 and a decade later – I couldn’t imagine the life I have now. Everyday I do what I love. I feel like I have a bigger purpose and effect the lives of young women who will be the future leaders. Gracias a ti ❤

What is so great about Lisette’s story is that she is a perfect example of how what we see for ourselves can happen in a way we could never imagine – and it is a process that takes TIME. No, Lisette is not some starlet in a film at Cannes, but after living and studying abroad for several years not long after our session, she began a fantastic internship and immersion program in Spain called PINC International, and therefore spends much of her year traveling around Europe. This is a photo she took after this summer’s interns successfully completed her program.

Also this month, I received a perfectly timed message from a recent client who demonstrates so beautifully what I do, as expressed by this testimonial:

What I found most appealing, and what sets Kristina apart from other career coaches, is her emphasis on your “whole picture.” She considers everything you were exposed to or experienced, how that ties into your life’s goals and how to find the best path forward from there. Talking with Kristina made sense of all the ideas and confusion running around in my head. The initial session further confirmed the direction I want to go in and visualize where I want to be; doing her homework helped me become more confident in owning what my gut is telling me and fueled my passion to pursue what I know deep down is right for me. As a result of working with Kristina, I now have the tools, motivation and perspective to create my dream career and life. Because of her insights and expertise, I am the happiest and most content I’ve ever been and found an incredible peace of mind. ~ Alyssa C.

Alyssa’s is a different type of result, as hers is a journey that has just begun, but in the initiating of the journey she has already achieved success of an inner kind.

Of course outcomes and timelines will vary, and we are all works in progress. The reality is that everyone is on their own path, traveling at their own pace with various circumstances and internal or external hurdles to overcome; and quite frankly, some put in more effort than others (i.e., I can’t make you do the homework!). But if what I do via my coaching, writing or speaking can help you experience some semblance of happiness and, more importantly, peace of mind, along the way, then I hope to be celebrating another milestone 10 years from now, and then another and another …

(Today’s PGG was originally posted on August 30, 2017.  Today actually marks my 11th anniversary!)

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