If you check out my recent video on YouTube or Instagram, you’ll see me talk about how the “acorn doesn’t become an oak tree overnight”; there is a process to growth, things take time, and you need to trust it all.

On the heels of celebrating my 11th anniversary as a professional coach, I had the chance to visit one of my longtime clients who has been on an intense personal- and professional-growth journey over the six years I’ve known him.

When Andrew first contacted me after seeing me speak at New York’s Science, Industry and Business Library back in 2012, he was in a very dark place, having just been fired from a job at a high-profile start-up and was quite lost and down on himself. We worked together consistently over about two and a half years (and then more infrequently as he needed less support), where we built up his self-esteem, confidence, leadership and presentation skills, and reconnected him with his love of coding. All of which saved his marriage as well.

He was then able to network and gain experience in a variety of work environments. He confronted his need to be liked and therefore be taken advantage of, or instead overcompensate with arrogance. He recognized and left toxic bosses, found community, won hackathons, and started his own successful Meetup group – all while not knowing anyone in NYC because he had moved here from overseas due to his wife’s work.

We last had a coaching session about a year ago, after he did not pass the probation period of a new job that he had taken (in hindsight) purely based on ego, but that got him out of a good – yet rather boring and stagnant – gig that he had excelled at. And this happened just after he and his wife bought a condo and had a baby…

I was able to prevent him from panicking or thinking this had anything to do with his abilities or performance. I also showed him how this was actually a big kick in the butt from the Universe to correct some behavior patterns once and for all so that he could really move forward.

He took the time to process what we discussed, and then all the inner and outer seeds he planted since we first met were ready to be harvested.

About a month and a half later, he got a job “out of the blue” with one of the largest advertising holding companies in the world, working on a highly valued and visible project. He was promoted after five months, has six top people now working under him, and is making more money than he ever has, which is allowing his wife to stay home with their adorable 15-month-old son.

These photos are from my time with them this past Sunday near their new home in Greenwich, Conn., and unbeknownst to me prior to making these plans, it was also Andrew’s birthday weekend!

I share this story with you to illustrate how amazing it is to see and feel the fruits of your labor, both in Andrew’s case – as someone who sought help and then applied what he learned and worked extremely hard to develop himself and his talents – and in mine, as in my dedication to align myself with my work to help others do the same.

We all have a job to do that will bring us fulfillment and, in turn, will support and benefit others. Are you doing yours?

Take some time to reflect on that, and if you are not satisfied with your answer, be sure to reach out to me. Perhaps by this time next year you, too, will be well on the way to your own happy harvest …


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