Wow, here we are again, with my annual wrap up highlighting all of the new PGGs from this past year.

When I started writing these back in January 2010, I published a new essay every week; after about two years I had enough to start re-posting them, in addition to writing new ones when I am inspired. You can read those from 2018 below.

Each week I take time to observe and reflect on what is happening in the world and in the lives of my clients, friends, family and yours truly, notice any themes or patterns and then write or re-post a PGG that speaks to what the current state of affairs seems to be calling for.

2018 was a challenging one for many folks, so you’re not alone if you didn’t “accomplish” what you thought you would. These next few days are a good time to review your own year: What did you do and experience, but more importantlywhat did you learn and how did you grow? What inspired you and what do you need to let go of? What is your intention for the year ahead? What is your theme or word for 2019?

It is always my intention to have my words be of use to you and I truly hope they provide some food for thought at the least, and a kick in the butt at the most. Often just a shift in perspective can make all the difference in how we experience our lives, and my goal with all that I do is to offer support and guidance with whatever it is you need to make your life the most fulfilled and peaceful it can be.

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Gods and Monsters

We each have the power to choose sensitivity over security; to transform our fear into friendliness, our anger into action and our evolving awareness into a constant affirmation of positive over negative.

Hospitality, Humor and Humanity 

I knew exactly what he had done for the world, what he had done for me, and what a great example of a human being he was – messy, magical, mischievous, magnanimous and masterful all in one. Although on the surface he was known for his passion for food, writing and travel, I believe his biggest purpose in life, like King Hussein, was to be a peacemaker.

State of Our Union 

As a nation we are sick, so the most immediate and practical thing we can do is to take extra care of ourselves and each other physically, mentally and emotionally, with conscious compassion and intelligent love. In this way we contribute positively to the ocean of energy we share with each other, because whether you like it or not – red, blue, white, black, purple or polka dot – we are interdependent and thus in this TOGETHER: E pluribus unum! 

Walking the Talk

Always listen to yourself, and trust that for every challenge there is an opportunity, and a beautiful sunset to be had after any storm.

Fruits of Our Labor

I share this story with you to illustrate how amazing it is to see and feel the fruits of your labor, both in Andrew’s case – as someone who sought help and then applied what he learned and worked extremely hard to develop himself and his talents – and in mine, as in my dedication to align myself with my work to help others do the same.

Batteries, Bunkers & Bonding

It’s the great irony of technology that so many people are feeling alone and isolated, because we have the appearance of being, and indeed are, more connected than ever, but generally only superficially…..Only when you are solidly connected to yourself can you truly connect with another, and this is what the world needs now more than ever.


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