Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. ~ Maya Angelou

Life is, well, LIFE, and it’s getting more extreme and complex as the days go by. Each week my intention is to provide a metaphorical rainbow to your journey through my PGG essays (which now include an introductory note with a complementary Instagram post and YouTube video 😉 )

I take a look at what’s going on in the world, my life, my clients’ lives, or usually a combination of them all, and I think about what theme might offer a little help, hope and/or happy to your day. Perhaps it’s some food for thought or a new perspective as you head into each weekend. Or maybe it’s just knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing and feeling the things that you do at that moment.

And this last week in December is when I do a review of all the new PGGs I wrote over the past year and YIKES, it looks like there were only two?? (However, since last year I do write new content with a specific message in the “Note from Kristina” section above which counts a bit, plus I am working on my second book …. okay I don’t feel so bad now!) Anyways, I can’t believe that we are here.

Regardless of the lack of “new” PGGs in 2019, the fact is that there are folks being added to my list all the time, so the approximately 150 essays in rotation will always be new to many of you, and for those of you who are getting a rerun often didn’t read it the first or second time around, or maybe you did but now is when it really resonates and makes sense for you. It’s pretty cool how that works, and amazing I can republish so many that feel as relevant today as when I first wrote them.

And guess what?? Next week will be PGG’s TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That’s nuts, but true. January 5, 2010 was my first PGG email blast. More on that next week, and I would love for YOU to be a part of the celebration!

Throughout the decade many of you have shared with me that a particular PGG was exactly what you needed to hear, or it inspired you to take action or it helped you feel better somehow. I would love to hear from as many of you as possible so that I can share some PGG stories in my anniversary email next week. Here is the survey link for you to let me know how you have benefited from PGG 🙂

I’ve also included a section below for all the ways you can show your gratitude and support for me and my work; any or all of the suggested items would be much appreciated.

Below are the two original PGGs from 2019, but please know that you can always go to my blog to see the archive from every week/month/year, and there are also several on my Medium page, which are great for sharing 🙂

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From Tiny to Mighty

I’m always saying “the acorn doesn’t become an oak tree overnight,” but I never really thought about what it takes for that oak tree to continue to grow and withstand the multitude of external forces once it becomes a tree.

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Major League Player

When asked what her secret is, she says it’s not about the number but about how young you are in spirit. And also, a big key is to be interested in others: “In order to be interesting you have to be interested in other people.”

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