Whether you’re a man or woman, girl or boy, 15 or 50, we all have some girl power in us.  We just need to take the time to discover, embrace and honor it no matter what your gender, age or sexual orientation.  All that really means is adding a little bit of yin to your yang.

I was just featured on Women Rising where I talked about this, but due to space limitations, my first answer was edited down. (You can read some of it on my recent eblast, too)  It had to do with women having permission in some ways to be a little more human, to live life a bit more fully and explore all facets of what that means without too much judgment – whereas a man might have a harder time in many respects exploring his feminine side regardless of his sexuality.

But I’ve noticed lately that a lot of women have been denying themselves certain advantages that generally come with a female form…we spend so much time and energy fitting into a ‘man’s world’ and masculine way of operating that we forget the gifts that being ‘feminine’ bring – and I’m not talking about being able to pose in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

If, like with many of my clients (gals AND guys), you not only need some help balancing out your work and life, but also your Marilyn with your Michael, please be sure to get in touch with me and I’ll show you how to use the best of both!