New Testament or Old, Facebook Fan of Moses or Jesus, you don’t have to be a religious person to extract some nuggets of truth that can be found in either.  As someone who founded an organization with the trademarked tagline “Recognizing Our Unity; Celebrating Our Diversity,” I’m always one to see the things we share in common that are in places we often think are so different, especially if you look at it through the right lens with the right attitude.

This is a time of year when we are reminded of some good ‘ole fashion foundations of personal growth:  trust (in oneself, others and in something bigger than oneself), faith, perseverance, forgiveness, liberation, rebirth.  Without their official branding, The Ten Commandments and Golden Rule can offer you some guidelines for a happy and fulfilling life, if you just think of them as good advice from a friend or coach.  Or even a McDonald’s commercial.

Be open to wisdom and inspiration no matter what form they take, and like wearing those 3D glasses at the movie theater, learn to view things from many perspectives.

This is one of my personal specialties – I can look at the same thing that you do and see something completely different, turn it upside down, or how it might be more or less significant than you think it is. I can connect all the dots between things that might seem totally unrelated and help you understand whatever epic journey your are on– so give me a buzz and I’ll be with you along the way!