In the movie Clash of the Titans, Perseus is half-man and half-god, a truly unique being bridging the worlds of Argos (humans) and Mt. Olympus (the gods).  He finds out about the Olympian part of himself as an adult when men are at war with the gods, who were responsible for killing Perseus’ beloved family.

Perseus is then enlisted in this battle, as he is deemed the only one that could give humans a victory precisely because of his special background.  But he refuses to utilize his god-power and the gifts, literally, that his father Zeus gave to him because of how much he despises those who ruled the land so mercilessly, and would never consider himself one of them.

For much of the story, our hero is too proud to use all that he has been given and completely denies half of who he is – until he finally realizes that they are indeed exactly what mankind needed to defeat Hades.  It was essential that Perseus get to the point of self-acceptance and just be, and by doing so, prevented the destruction of humanity!

Now you may not be a revenge-seeking character in a remake of the sweeping tale of a kitschy 80’s sort-of Greek mythology movie, but you do have a few things within you that are the keys to making you who you are and what you are meant to do! Once you discover and accept that, then the sky is the limit for you to soar, and by doing so, we will all benefit.

If you are not sure what your gifts might be, give me buzz and I can help you uncover them!