Spring has finally sprung! Everywhere you look flowers and trees are blooming up a storm – the colorful symphony of tulips, lilacs, daffodils, cherry blossoms and dogwoods are waking up the city from its cold, long winter slumber, filling us with gorgeous eye-candy and reminding us of the new possibilities that exist within and around us.

It’s such a fleeting moment that only seems to last a week or two, so it’s now or never to take notice and appreciate the beauty and magic while it exists. This is a perfect time to pay attention to the prettiest new little things around you, and to celebrate these glorious gifts of Nature.

Beauty is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and a flower is one of the simplest and most tangible expressions of it. If you can’t soak up all that is staring us in the face right now, then how will you recognize and appreciate the more subtle beauty within and around you throughout the year?

In NYC we tend to rush from here to there, with our noses in our blackberries or thinking about whatever as we walk down the street with our blinders on when what we really need to do in those transitional times throughout the day is to stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. Slowing down, taking a few deep breaths and becoming aware of your surroundings – especially when they are so lovely – is a great cure for stress and anxiety. I’m sure that if you just try it, like Mikey, you’ll like it!

Feeling a little curmudgeonly with all this zippidy doo da talk? Give me a buzz and I’ll help get things goin’ your way again…