I love to sing.  I’m not very good, but I do it anyway.  I have a ‘belting’ playlist on my iPod and periodically sing my guts out for an audience of none;  I keep my earphones on so I can’t even hear my own off-ptich rendition. Sometimes I’ll be walking down the street or sitting on a bench somewhere and sing slightly out loud, much to the amusement of passersby. Or I’ll blast music in the car and sing at the top of my lungs, much to the dismay of my tween nephews who were with me during a recent episode.

Singing releases pent up energy and allows us to express emotions in a way that words without rhythm, harmony and melody simply cannot. The marriage of thoughts with a tune is powerful, healing one and when done honestly and authentically, connect us to our deepest center, the very core of our being.  As one of my favorite vocalists Jill Scott says, you can study music theory and employ various techniques, but when you come on stage ‘you gotta sing with your soul, play with your soul.’ Those who do are the performers who move us the most.

Like The Muppets and their friends, it’s generally best to sing of good things, not bad; sing of happy not sad, but they can allow to us process darker feelings too, so it’s okay to use corresponding songs according to the situation…just remember the purpose is to release and heal, not get to stuck and wallow.

You never need a reason to sing, but what better excuse to get your grove on than the holidays?  There is no other time of year when it’s more common and acceptable to round up some folks and do some caroling or sit around the dining room table and sing a few festive tunes.  Of course there’s always karaoke, your own bedroom mirror and plenty of choirs and live acts should you need some extra inspiration.

Need a little push to exercise those vocal chords and activate your own personal Glee?  Give me a buzz; we’ll start at the very beginning of your Do Re Mi‘s and find the right song that helps you Dream On so you can Fa La La La La throughout this holiday season and beyond!

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