If you’re feeling a bit exhausted these days, even though you haven’t been “doing” as much as usual, you’re not alone. The amount of readjusting and shifting happening both individually and collectively, internally and externally, can be just as, if not more, exhausting than running a marathon! We’ve been through a lot lately, and there is only more to come, so rest your weary soul as your body and mind require it.

One thing contributing to the exhaustion is the amount of information coming at us, with a relentless urgency and intensity — sometimes warranted, and sometimes not — that is wearing on our psyches. And because there are so many disparate and contradicting viewpoints, sources, opinions, censorship and filters, it’s increasingly challenging to tell the difference between what’s true or not, and to see through any lies and confusion and/or disinformation — which all take extra energy. It’s become nearly impossible to know what’s what, except for the fact that we’re being stirred up to be as polarized as possible.

Because we each affect one another, what you can do to help mitigate that disharmony is find the places within yourself and your own world where you are polarized and disconnected. Where are you deceiving, deluding, denying and/or lying to yourself about any area of your life? Where can you make yourself more unified and WHOLE?

In other words, if you are feeling helpless or not in control, the best thing you can do right now for yourself, and the world, is focus on what truths you need to face about yourself and what you need to do to confront and heal them. This can be a painful and rude awakening, or maybe it’s a truth that you’ve known was there but have chosen to be in denial about or ignore.

The only way we are going to move forward in a healthy way, individually and collectively, is if everyone takes responsibility for healing their own life. Because when we don’t do that, unresolved pain can manifest as illness, projection, hatred, violence, scapegoating and/or relying on someone or something else to fix it — like a person, authority figure, drug or law. These are not the healthiest or most effective options, to say the least …

Look, I’m not saying this is an easy thing to do (i.e., I’ve been to the mattresses with myself the past week or two and it ain’t no picnic — not to mention the amount of Kleenex I’ve been through!).

But because of the way the Universe has set us up with these rare circumstances, it is a prime opportunity that can go one of two ways: either sink deeper into repressing our wounds and treating them with our various addictive behaviors — which could be as seemingly benign as Netflix, video games, social media scrolling, exercising, food, etc., that distract and numb you — OR, use the current restrictions and limitations to dig deep, see what’s going on in your heart and where the inner work needs to be done to become as whole and healthy as possible.

The fact is, our country and the world cannot be whole until its citizens are whole. Until we are honest with ourselves, how can we expect the government or anyone in a position of authority to be honest with us? We all need to do our part.

Today’s PGG was orginally published as a PGG Note on June 26, 2020.



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